The Star Trek Cycling Event

… was founded in Star, NC in 2012 to showcase the beautiful rolling hills and scenic rural roads of Montgomery County, North Carolina

One day David Wilkie was talking with Nick Fruin (a resident glass artist at StarWorks) about how nice our county’s roads are for riding, thanks to the rolling hills, beautiful scenery, and low traffic volume.  Eddie Bernard overheard them and mentioned that it might be nice to officially invite more people to come and enjoy our roads by creating a cycling event.  We did just that!

In 2015 the event was adopted by the town of Star’s Heritage Committee, and participation leapt from twenty-two to eighty-seven riders thanks to the larger committee and numerous sponsors.

Now, in it’s fifth year, the ride continues on the first Saturday of June to coincide with the town of Star’s annual Heritage Day. Each year we donate proceeds to a worthy cause.

2012 through 2014 – The Town of Star
2015 – Eckerd Camp in Candor, NC
2016 – The Montgomery County Family Crisis Center, a domestic violence and family crisis center

2017 – The Montgomery County Family Crisis Center, a domestic violence and family crisis center

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The History and Legacy of Star

The town was founded in 1875 by Angus Leach, whose grandfather arrived in 1804 from Scotland aboard the ship PANDORA. As far as the citizen’s involvement with the Civil War, Star as well as the northern half of the county was generally pro-Union, anti-war, and anti-slavery. Almost all of the free persons of color lived in this area.

The earliest businesses were turpentine production, lumber, gold mining, pottery, and naval stores in the 1860s through the 1890s. Around 1900 lumber, brick manufacturing, and general retail grew.

Angus Leach, the founder of Star, ran a store called Hunsucker’s Store which was a fixture from 1870 until about 1920. The original name of the town, Hunsucker’s Store, was a reference to it.

Around 1920 the hosiery mills began to appear, Pine hosiery being the earliest, then Clayson’s and then Russell’s, which was located in the Starworks building: formerly the Country Life Academy (Carolina Collegiate and Agricultural Institute). In fact, it was Angus Leach who donated the land for the school, which is now Starworks. The hosiery mills were Star’s bread and butter until 2003 when they began to disappear.

John Maynard, the town of Star’s own historian, provided us with this fascinating information about Star.

Committee Members

Eddie Bernard, Founding Member 2012 - present

Eddie Bernard is a local entrepreneur and co-owner of → Wet Dog Glass, LLC, a small business that manufactures glass heating furnaces and ovens primarily for artists.  Eddie has served as Town Commissioner in Star since 2012.

Melissa Hall - 2014 - present

An avid cyclist Melissa became involved in the event after taking glass classes at Starworks and learned about the event from teachers Eddie Bernard and David Wilkie. Principal of her company → Hallway Marketing, she is the marketing arm of the team.

Larry Kissell - 2015 - present

Larry Kissell was the first rider of the first Star Trek Ride in 2012. A lifelong resident of Montgomery County, he worked in the Russell Hosiery Mill (where Starworks now resides) for twenty-seven years. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for North Carolina’s eighth district and served from 2009-2013.

Mary Hughes O’Brien - 2015 - present

Mary is a forty-three year resident of Star and retired from Clayson Knitting of Star after twenty-five years. Mary is the Mayor of Star and a board member of Star Heritage Association. She has held many important appointed and elected civic roles in the community.
You will see her in the police car leading out the ride, waving in support and encouragement, wishing the riders a safe ride.

Fred Ingle - 2015 - present

Fred Ingle is a Vice President for → Lancer Inc. and has been employed in Star for twenty-eight years.  He is one of several Lancer employees who enjoy riding in Montgomery County.  As a supporter of cycling in the area he is enthusiastic about encouraging others to ride the scenic roads.

Bill Hudson - 2015 - present

Bill is committee member and lifelong resident of Montgomery County. Bill owns and operates → Montgomery Insurance. He is the Board Chairman of the Star Heritage Association that holds Star Heritage Day on ride day. He is responsible for the cold beverages and great subs after your ride.

Eric McBride - 2016

Eric is avid cyclist for over 30 years and former Category 2 racer in early 1990’s. He started his racing career in Greenville, SC and has raced across the United States. Having grown up in Star he knows these roads like the back of his hand. “Some of the best back roads to ride a bicycle in North Carolina”.  He now lives in Asheboro, NC but you can see him in Star at McBride Accounting.

David Wilkie, Founding Member 2012 - present

David is a retired elementary school administrator and long time bicyclist. He moved to Montgomery County in 1977 and now lives in Troy. He volunteers with the Chamber of Commerce, Starworks and Montgomery County Historical Society. When he was approached by Eddie Bernard about a bicycle ride for the town of Star, he saw it as an opportunity share Montgomery County’s excellent cycling roads and beautiful scenery. David has been responsible for the ride routes from the beginning.

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